Variant Embedded Systems embodies 35 years of high level research and development in the fields of: Medical device technology, custom embedded microprocessor measurement and control circuitry, firmware design, prototype assembly, and distributed process control systems.

Founder/Owner Richard Mullen, a consulting electronics and software engineer, works collaboratively with consultants, contractors and engineers to deliver complete cutting-edge technology solutions. From initial concept to manufactured product, every design is resourceful, efficient and affordable.

The company's services include:
  • Developing Embedded Systems & Printed Circuit Board Prototypes
  • Conducting Software Testing & Electronics Testing for both Hardware & Software
  • Creating/Executing Software Life Cycle Documentation for FDA/CE Mark Validation & Certification
  • Partnering with Quality Assurance & Manufacturing to Develop Complete Functional Testing
No matter the scale, nature or complexity of the objective, regardless of the types of
processors, code and design tools required, Variant's designs are crafted with a sureness and exactitude only found in a company that has been doing this for over a quarter of a century.

Variant Embedded Systems