It may be a cliché, but we believe that using the right tools for the job is a prerequisite for obtaining the utmost performance and reliability from a completed project.

Some of the technologies we specialize in working with include: 


ARM STM32F, ARM7, AVR, TMS320, MSP430, ADuC843,
ADuC812, ADuC7000, Coldfire, 6833x, 680x0, 68HC1x, 8051, 80C320, 8048, 80x86, 6502, 6809, Z8000, Z280, Z80, F8

Programming Languages:

C++, C#, C, and Pascal. Assembly languages for all the processors listed above.

Design Tools:

Labview, MSDN Visual Design Studio, MFC, Lattice ispExpert, Xilinks FPGA, Xilinks XtremeDSP, Cadence VLSI, OrCAD, Electronics Workbench, HiWire II.
Variant Embedded Systems, Inc.
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