A widespread challenge exists in the medical technology field to develop electronic systems that enable the collection of high-purity blood fluids needed by patients undergoing major medical procedures such as organ transplants, cancer surgery and infectious blood disease treatments.

Rising to the challenge of providing a highly efficient means of collecting uncontaminated blood products, Variant Embedded Systems has developed, tested, prototyped, documented and validated embedded system firmware and electronics used to operate automated apheresis instruments. These instruments allow collection centers to obtain four key blood elements high-quality plasma, platelets with low-white cell count, mononuclear cells and packed red blood cells during one single-needle donation. In addition, this technology separates and propagates stem cells from bag blood, provides a solution for filtering unwanted blood products, and shortens donor procedure times.

There also exists a critical need to separate blood, and subsequently concentrate certain key blood elements for use in assisting in trauma recovery. Variant Embedded Systems designed, tested and documented the embedded system firmware for a technologically advanced medical device created to address this need.
Variant Embedded Systems